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Vincent Daunay




Vincent Daunay was born in Paris, France. He grew up in a family steeped in French tradition, with a mother who loved to entertain. He developed a respect and love for fine cuisine very early in life. As a young boy growing up in Paris, Vincent often entertained his friends with his budding culinary talents. Vincent’s first dive into the career world was in photography. This helped develop a fine eye for beauty in all things, and later in his culinary expertise. Following his years in photography, he then went on to become a sales associate of fine jewelry. This world of jewelry then led to traveling all over the world. This served only to broaden his love of the culinary world and all ethnic cuisine. Yearning to start his own business took him and his brother to the US Virgin Islands to start their very own restaurant, Seychelles. Paradisio and Chloe and Bernard are just a few of his other Chef adventures before relocating to the states. The opening of Saint Joseph’s very own Chloe and Bernard left Vincent with a choice. Saint Joseph was a bit of a wild card. Relocating to a small midwestern town, to invest in a much needed revitalization of a historic downtown area, was anything if a challenge. With the beautiful architecture of the downtown and the charm of the historical homes, Vincent made his choice to invest, settle here, and put down roots. June 17th of 2010 Vincent Daunay was granted US citizenship. In the years since Vincent has started to grow his family with his engagement to Julie Gray and their first child together, Penelope Daunay. With his budding family, he plans to create a business that not only feeds his growing children but also provides him an opportunity to create, learn, and grow while nurturing his artistic and culinary talents.





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